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Here are the last few posts from the "News" section, where I regularly announce upcoming gigs, publish the occasional poem, share recordings or a video clips, and talk at the internet about various poetry-related issues of burning urgency. You can find out more here.

Review: Blahblahblah at Bristol Old Vic, 23/06/14

Serious, thoughtful reviews of spoken word events are few and far between. The Speakers’ Corner is one of the few places which posts them...

That’s Just The Way It Is (Things Will Never Be The Same)

In a room with custard yellow walls my sister is sleeping. A nurse is sweeping up the last pieces of a light bulb. The disinfectant smells...

When I Was Seven

When I was seven I believed in heaven, a crowded cartoon filled with clouds and choirs. I went to church every week, running past the wooden cross...